Peter Verdell “Green Light Go (ft. Homebody)”
126 bpm

Writing: 34% Peter Joseph Verdell (BMI), 33% Carla Renee Cappa (BMI), 33% Gabriella Caspi (BMI)
Publishing: 34% Love Is New (BMI), 33% Carla Cappa Publishing (BMI), 33% Capri Baby Music (BMI)
Master: 34% Peter Verdell, 33% Carla Cappa, 33% Gabriella Caspi

I’m ready for the green light, go
Green light, go

V1 A:
You can be anybody, dressed up and painted gold
We don’t do carbon copies, we feel it in our bones
Just imagine it, close your eyes
Follow me and we’ll take a ride

V1 B:
We’re taking everybody into the fast lane
We’re gonna bring the party, you know we slay the game
Tres jolie ma cherie
Tres sexy ma belle vie

I’m ready for the green light go,
The green light, go
Push the pedal to the metal
Casualties are incidental
Green light go, I’m ready for it.

La la la
La la la

You know we make an entrance, and don’t you dare forget it
Iconic our intentions, idyllic did I mention
Leather, feathers, make a show
Dripping glitter, got that glow.
Dripping glitter, got that glow.
Dripping glitter, got that glow.