Sequels ft. Zola - “Dream Up” BPM 105

Writing: 50% Peter Joseph Verdell (BMI), 50% Zola _____
Publishing: 50% Love Is New (BMI), 50% Zola _____
Master: 50% Peter Verdell, 50% Zola

Been a couple weeks since I had a routine
Calling all my my friends comparing our self-esteem
What else will I dream?
Will tomorrow be?

Dreaming my own days up
It’s my world anyway
Making everything brighter
Shiny in a new way
What else will I dream?
Colors on my screen.

Dream, dream, dream, up a little
Dream, dream, dream, up a little

Been a couple days since I’ve looked up at the sky
My ceilings looking more like golden stars and satellites
I stopped calling my friends
I like being alone

Chorus, tag

Beginning to feel fine when I go about my day
My worries disappear, I know how to feel okay
Been painting all my walls with the pictures in my head
My brains busy creating all the love I want to spread

Chorus, tag